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I never actually plan to do anything so it all just mounts up. Gone forever despite Stefani The MRI image on the screen was adjusted again. But on adjusting the screen slightly via remote control, it became clear that the very tips of both intrusions were coated with a thin latex. Also down the shaft of the appendages, little metal plates running down the entire length of the shafts. Interchangeable latex, like condoms that are used then discarded. Her mouth had been rendered useless by the clamps and the stretching of her tongue. Resonated up inside her throat and then expelled itself as the severe electric shocks wracked her deeper femininity. Muscle spasms, and glowing tip beneath the ultra thin latex covering the appendages in both her vagina and anus. The anal appendage sending shocks ripping through her bowels on their journey through the girls torso, the first pangs of a deep, longer lasting orgasm was invading Petra. Every so often bending, smelling the exhaling, desperate breath of either woman. When it was at its most thickly palpable that the current was eventually switched off.

However, it was time to bring this initial chat to a close. A little more ground work to complete.t you book the time off work and you can come to stay with me as my guest at the clinic for a few days. An opportunity to experience that beautiful orgasm lost. The blackness of the objects kind of enhanced the thickness of them, and the length also. The second wave making its way up through the young girl even before any noise had come from her bondaged mouth. Then came the noise.t a noise she could shape with her mouth. The vaginal intrusion, nudging her cervix and sending the shocks from it, through the cervix on its way upwards. Squirt after squirt of sexually charged, sexually produced juices. And her expression, one of pure pure contentment mixed with the agony of the bondage as her sex and anus clung and sucked on to their own respective intrusions. Her eyes flicked from mom to daughter as she just prowled on her high heels between the two.

Went and lived with his mother for awhile while we went through the proceedings to get officially divorced. I couldn’t give him that list because I felt that if I did, he might work on them and then expect everything to be OK.

I felt it would never be OK and to ask him to work on our relationship would be deceptive, holding out false hope. we even went on a family vacation which I will forever remember as the worst vacation I’ve been on.

Indeed in the flesh and up close, Petra was a vision to behold. But even through the pangs of guilt that constantly sliced through the throbs, between gritted drooling teeth she answered, Her drooling, hissing answer had barely escaped her red lips and into the dead air of the room than the orgasm was riding through her. Multiple orgasms of slow building, explosive erupting orgasm that made her shiver all the way through, and then spit ribbons of drool as she became unable to control her facial features, or what came out of her mouth. Not until she was approaching the gut wrenching, intense-absolute of grief ridden guilt.

The jacket perfectly fitted over her flared hips and the silk top underneath, just a tease of sexiness. that striking flame red plume and secured back in a high, tight pony tail. She even knew that Stefani would suffer yet more for the orgasm.

Also, in part told through the eyes of the victim.... A single mother with a 'perfect' life, plucked from her normal, privileged world. Her complexion, pale, slightly freckled across her nose and under her eyes. A self gratification that suggested that Petra was pleased, and content with the life she had. At the same time her vaginal and anal muscles gripped and sucked and chewed on the needled appendages inside her.t been back to this particular wine bar since that delightful meeting with Petra all that time ago.

Her sexuality exploited, twisted, enhanced and used to ensure her trip down into the Vortex is one-way only. I'm a 49 year old clinical and behavioral psychologist resident in London though Arabic in origin. I must add, I am neither a Sadist, nor a Fetishist in the common misconceptions of the words. Psycho-Fetish are also labels that could apply, since deeper feminine issues are explored. Peering over the edges into the darkness where others are afraid to venture. Everything comes together into a perfect 'package'. With the addition of impossibly long legs, tapered and shaped in all the right places, Petra caught my eye immediately. She looked around now with a slight smile remembering that night and the stunning vision that was Petra. Here and now Sabirah was, once again, the impeccable, professional Dr Sabirah Najwa.

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She was the PA of a Chief Executive of a City finance group. Any woman capable of such overt arrogance had also to be highly intelligent. The tone an octave lower, slightly broken, almost, but not quite, husky. Very real and completely, expertly camouflaging my deep and meaningful thoughts about this woman. Instead of relaxing the inner muscles, the pain caused her to tense and thus aid the piercing in dozens of places of her inner walls. What was free of Stefanit much, was twisted and contorted into absolute agonies. The strain on her protruding, stretched tongue plain to see as the tip, simply curled up, defenseless and fetal like. And such was the cleaness, the suddenness of the piercing inside her, there was no flow of blood. Those together with the constantly contorting, spasming muscles around the intrusions, tightening on the needles made the torture absolute. She took it all in, absorbed it all into her own sadistic makeup.I knew something was wrong, because he had been very distant for quite awhile and it took a lot of coaxing and convincing for him to actually tell me what the problem was.

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